the ageing process
with Facial Treatments at Larkham House

Facial Aesthetics

by a fully qualified
and experienced medical professional

Larkham Facial Clinic Plymouth


Anti-Ageing Facial Treatments by fully qualified and experienced Dental Surgeons.

At our exclusive Facial Clinic we offer Microdermabrasion Facials, Anti-Ageing Injections and Dermal Fillers to soften expression lines, define facial contours and rejuvenate your skin. We offer a full range of bespoke facial aesthetic treatments uniquely tailored to you, to enhance your natural beauty in a clean, safe and relaxed environment.

What to expect

We offer an in-depth consultation which is obligation-free, explaining the expected outcome, the risk and side-effects and an opportunity for you to ask questions. We give you time to make a decision, treatment will never take place on the same day. We then care for you afterwards with review and follow up appointments.


Full Consultation

Before treatment all our patients undergo a free full face to face consultation where your full medical history is taken. This is to ensure that what we offer is right treatment for you.


Treatment will commence, if you are completely happy with the consultation at a later appointment. This will be carried out by a fully-trained medical professional.



After your treatment will see you again for a review to ensure that we are completely happy with the results and to check for any side-effects.